Photos: 2018 10th Annual National New Year’s Eve Masquerade Ball at MXDC


As the bells chimed midnight welcoming 2018, the heart of Washington D.C. was a kaleidoscope of lights, laughter, and anticipation at the National NYE Masquerade Ball held at MXDC. This premier venue, known for its modern Mexican cuisine and trendy, vibrant atmosphere, was transformed into an enchanting masquerade ballroom, setting the stage for a night of glamour and mystery.

Stepping into MXDC, guests were greeted by 2 floors, 14 VIP tables, a dance area, 1 large bar and an upstairs VIP bar. In addition, a sea of intriguing masks were offered to each patron, while some brought their own for an extra special look. Women wore sparkling dresses, and men were in dapper suits. The Masquerade Ball, one of Washington DC’s longest running New Year’s Eve events, is renowned for its mystique, was given a flavor of the exotic with the venue’s innovative design and sleek, contemporary aesthetics. The shimmering chandeliers, plush interiors and the pulsating energy of MXDC embodied the spirit of celebration, making it the perfect host for this grand affair.

Guests from every corner of the city and beyond reveled in the festivities, enjoying the indulgence of a 1-hour premium open bar and an array of delectable appetizers. As we looked back at ticket sales we had guests from all over the DC Area, Baltimore, New York, Pennsylvania, New England, California, England, LA, Sweden, and other locations. It was truly an eclectic and beautiful crowd that was friendly and warm. As the clock ticked closer to the new year, the anticipation reached a crescendo, culminating in a jubilant champagne toast and a heartfelt countdown.

Those with VIP tables were able to feel that extra level of attention, with a dedicated VIP host at the door. They were then directed to their table, without having to wait in line (one of the perks) and introduced to their server. Since they already had picked the package they want, they just had to confirm when they wanted each bottle out. Most guests elect to bring out the champagne around 11 so it is ready for the champagne toast. The other huge plus is no waiting at the bar, and plenty of mixers and garnishes. The VIP tables all had an amazing time.

The musical landscape of the night was crafted by DJ Q from Miami, whose infectious beats kept the dance floor packed and the energy high. His mastery at the turntables, spinning everything from Top 40 to dance and hip-hop, ensured that the rhythm of the night never missed a beat.

Looking back at the National NYE Masquerade Ball 2018, the night was a spectacular blend of glamour, mystery, and celebration. The event showcased not only the transformative power of MXDC as a venue but also the unforgettable experience that a masquerade ball offers. The success of the event paved the way for future celebrations, solidifying its status as one of the most anticipated NYE events in the city.

The unfolding of 2018 was marked by a memorable night at MXDC, setting a high note for the year. The National NYE Masquerade Ball was more than just a celebration; it was an experience of mystery, glamour, and the promise of a new year. As the masks came off at the dawn of 2018, the memories of an unforgettable night remained, leaving an indelible mark on all who attended.

Don’t miss the 16th Annual National New Year’s Eve Masquerade Ball for 2024! Click here for information, tickets and tables.

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