Photos: 2021 – 2022 Capital Gatsby New Year’s Eve DC Gala

The Grand Return of Capital Gatsby New Year’s Eve Gala: An Unstoppable Night at Brand New HQO in Navy Yard.

This post was written by Jessica Chastain, a senior at George Washington University. It started as an email sent to us expressing her thanks, and turned into a blog post. Jessica was paid for her contribution but not her opinion and it is published in original form with no editing. You can skip to the photos by clicking here.

Can we talk about the best way to wrap up 2021 in DC and welcome the sparkling New Year, 2022? Well, I was fortunate enough to attend the Capital Gatsby New Year’s Eve Gala 2022 held at HQO in Navy Yard, and let me tell ya, it was an absolute blast!

I mean, after 2 years of Covid, we wanted to go out! But it was not easy. Just before the event, in December, another round of Covid strain hit the area hard. We thought the event was going to be cancelled but Washington, DC kept events on and 360 Nightlife hosted it.

What was cool was the preparation involved as well. I just want to mention there were mask on signs all over the venue and was required when in the food lines or bar service. Also, they had plenty of hand sanitizer. The crowd was also limited, so there was a lot of space. We actually felt normal, and that was a priceless feeling!

Ok, enough about that, let’s get to the event. As soon as you enter and pass the coat check, it’s time to hit the red carpet and strike a pose for the step & repeat. You knew you were in for a special night as you vogue to flashing camera lights. And true to form, the folks at 360 Nightlife did not disappoint! This was also their event since the pandemic, and they went all out.

The venue, HQO, was decked out like a modern-day Gatsby mansion, shimmering with the grandeur of the roaring twenties, making you feel like you were part of a scene from a F. Scott Fitzgerald novel. But don’t just take my word for it, click here to check out the photos for yourself.

Inside, the dancefloor was hopping! It’s shaped like a rotunda, with the entrance to the patio at the back, and levels of steps you can sit or stand & dance on engulfing the stairway to the 2nd floor. DJ Vicious and DJ Q kept the energy high and the vibes positive, spinning a mix of hits that had people shaking their tail feathers till the wee hours of the morning. DJ Vicious spins at all the hottest nightclubs in DC and was on the main floor, and DJ Q dj’ed in the VIP room. The music was awesome and the VIP room was spacious with some 360 views of the Anacostia River, and the city lights. Oh, and don’t even get me started on the Dystruxtion dancers. Decked out in their Gatsby-inspired gear, they brought the spirit of the Jazz Age alive. I mean, I would love to know where to get those costumes!

A big shoutout to ONE Street, one of the main sponsors of the event, who helped make the night even more special. You can learn more about them here – they are DC’s #1 Real Estate Company.

The patio offered a stunning view of the city’s skyline, bathed in the glow of the New Year’s festivities. It was an Instagrammer’s dream & a TikToker’s way to a million views! And let’s be real, did you even celebrate New Year’s if you didn’t post a pic of yourself against a stunning backdrop?

By the time the sun rose over D.C., marking the start of 2022, we were all left buzzing with joyous memories from the night and anticipation for the year to come. The Capital Gatsby New Year’s Eve Gala was not just a party, it was a celebration of resilience, community, and the promise of a fresh start. I went with a group of 23 people, and each and every single person in our group thought it was the best time we ever had on New Year’s Eve – this is no lie and not an ad!

So, here’s to many more nights of dancing, laughing, and creating memories. Bring it on, 2022 – we’re ready for normalcy!


Article by Jessica Chastain. 360 Nightlife does not endorse any view on this article as it is an independent contribution and was posted as originally sent with no modifications. We appreciate feedback at

Don’t miss Capital Gatsby Gala New Year’s Eve 2024 at HQO! If you missed the last one, this is your chance. If you made it last year, you know this is the NYE event you want to be at in Washington, DC!

Check out the photo booth pictures by clicking here.

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