Photos: 2020 14th Annual National NYE DC Masquerade Ball at Umaya


As the year 2019 drew to a close and the dawn of 2020 approached, a unique party was in full swing in the heart of Washington D.C. – The National Masquerade Ball at Umaya. Little did we know then, that in the months to come, the world as we knew it would change drastically due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But that night, the focus was on celebration, unity, and the hope of a brand new year.

Umaya, with its delightful fusion of eastern and western influences, provided an enchanting backdrop for this magical evening. With all 16 VIP tables sold out, the venue was buzzing with a diverse and beautiful crowd, all donned in masks and costumes, adding to the mystique of the masquerade.

Guests were treated to an open bar from 9:30 PM, setting a jovial mood with an array of premium cocktails. Adding to the merriment were a selection of sumptuous appetizers, reflective of Umaya’s Japanese Izakaya inspiration.

The excitement reached its zenith as the clock struck midnight, greeted with the pop of champagne bottles and a lively countdown. Toasting to new beginnings, the crowd reveled at the prospect of a promising 2020. DJ Q from Miami had everyone on their feet, as his electrifying music filled the room and echoed into the new year.

In retrospect, The National Masquerade Ball 2020 stands as a poignant reminder of a time before our lives took an unexpected turn. It serves as a testament to the undying spirit of celebration, unity, and resilience. The vibrant photographs captured on that extraordinary night are a testament to this spirit and a keepsake of a time when coming together to celebrate was a norm, not a rarity. Despite the challenges that were to follow, that unforgettable night at Umaya remains etched in our hearts, a symbol of the enduring spirit of Washington D.C. and its people.

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