Photos: 2019 Capital Gatsby Masquerade New Year’s Eve DC Gala


As the final hours of 2019 dwindled, the heartbeat of Washington D.C. pulsed to the rhythm of anticipation and excitement. In the heart of the city, an extraordinary fusion of two signature events was about to unfold at The Showroom – a Masquerade Ball with a twist of the Roaring Twenties – the Capital Gatsby New Year’s Eve Masquerade Ball.

The Showroom, an upscale venue nestled in the Franklin Court Building, welcomed over 800 guests attending this unique event. It was the first time this luxurious space played host to our event, and it rose to the occasion with aplomb. With its high ceilings and modern industrial design, the venue was transformed into the perfect backdrop for this extravagant Gatsby-inspired celebration.

Guests arrived, donning masks that added an aura of mystery and intrigue, and dressed in their best Gatsby-inspired attire. Women shimmered in sequin, fringe, and beaded dresses, feather fans and silk shawls in hand, while men exuded sophistication in dinner jackets, striped suits, and flashy neckties. The attention to detail was palpable, creating an atmosphere reminiscent of the 1920s’ decadent splendor.

The evening was a whirlwind of delights, from the premium open bar serving intoxicating concoctions to food stations offering gastronomic pleasures. As the clock neared midnight, a champagne toast marked the arrival of 2020, amidst the palpable excitement of the countdown.

Music flowed from the turntables of D.C.’s top nightclub DJ Vicious, creating an irresistible urge to dance. The entertainment was further amplified by the Roaring Twenties inspired dancers who captivated the crowd with their mesmerizing performances.

Looking back, the Capital Gatsby New Year’s Eve Masquerade Ball was an unforgettable fusion of mystery, style, and the nostalgic glamour of the Gatsby era. The night was a testament to the enchanting possibilities that come from combining distinct vibes to create a celebration that was truly one for the ages.

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